About the conference

The international conference on “the Beginnings of the Use of
Metals and Alloys” (BUMA) is the interdisciplinary gathering of
scientists, engineers, archaeologists and historians in a focus on
production and use of metals, with emphasis on cultural interactions
and evolutions over time and space especially between the West
and the Asian region.

BUMA was founded in 1981 by two eminent archaeometallurgists
Prof. Robert Maddin in Philadelphia USA and Prof Tsun Ko in Beijing,
China, and strong support of late Professors Cyril Stanley Smith (MIT)
and Yunoshin Imai (Tohoku University) from the second Conference on.
From Beijing in 1981 BUMA has traveled to Zhengzhou, China (1986),
Sanmenxia, China (1992), Matsue, Japan (1998), Gyeongju, Korea (2002),
Beijing, China (2006) and Bangalore, India (2009).

BUMA VIII will be held in Nara, Japan in 2013. As the ancient capital
of Japan, there are many historical and cultural attractions in Nara.
The great bronze statue of Buddha (Daibutsu) in the Todaiji Temple
was cast using ca.500 tonnes of copper in AD 747-749 and marks
the beginning of the new age of the metal production in Japan.

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