Scope of the Conference

The main theme at the Nara Conference is “Cultural Interaction and
the Use of Metals”. The Conference will provide a forum for discussion
on the effects of metals on the culture and history with a special focus
on Asian materials. Comparative studies and case studies on ancient
and traditional metallurgy from other regions can clarify the
interactions between the Far East and the West through South
Asia as well as Eurasia.

The Conference covers the following theme:
  1. Iron and Steel Technology
  2. Copper and Bronze Technology
  3. Precious Metals and Coinage
  4. Casting Technology of Bronze and Iron
  5. Swords and Iron Artifacts
  6. History of Alloys (Brass, Paktong and Shiromé)
  7. Ores and Metal Production
  8. Illustrated Technology of Mining and Metallurgy
  9. Experimental Metallurgy, Survey Methods and Conservation
Poster Session

We will try and avoid parallel sessions, and the poster session
will allow maximum participation.

Papers presented at the conference and accepted by the
editorial committee will be published in the proceedings.
Special attention should be given to the archaeological and
historical background of the studies and to the interaction
between specialized researchers. The conference language will
be English.

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